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two asian people, man and woman, looking stressed, lots of work, yet procrastinating at wo

Embracing Stress
Tips for Handling Procrastination and Phone Dependence

Free Online Summit 5th May 2024

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In today's fast-paced world, many of us find ourselves caught in a cycle of stress turning to our phone in search of relief.

In this summit we will cover:

Meet the Amazing Team

Event Content 
May 5th 2 - 6 pm (GMT+8)

2 - 3 pm: Speaker Peggy Chen                   
Joy Or Stress In Hybrid Work: Navigating the Blend of Sweet and Sour

3 - 4 pm: Speaker Johanne Schwensen         
Procrastination Paradox: Unveiling the Productive Power With Delay

4 - 5 pm: Speaker Ari Kartika Dewa    
Go Digital and Grow Your Empathy

5 - 6 pm: Speaker Fadi Hage                       
Stress Less, Live (Love) More: Unraveling the Patterns that Hold You Back


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