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Psychospiritual therapy

By Fadi Hage

My Clients

Are you a Lebanese or expatriate navigating the complexities of life in a foreign land? If so, you’ve found a therapist who intimately understands the journey of transitioning from Lebanon to Europe for university and career opportunities, and more recently, spending significant time in Southeast Asia. With firsthand experience of diverse cultural landscapes, I specialize in working with individuals like you who seek understanding and support in the midst of cultural transitions and challenges.


While my initial focus may have centered around anxiety, depression, and addiction, the clients who resonate most with my approach often describe one of the following:

  • Individuals grappling with a harsh inner critic, perpetuating comparisons, criticisms, and contributing to anxiety and depression

  • Clients struggling with overthinking, caught in cycles of overthinking be it worry about the future or regret over the past

  • Difficulties in communication with loved ones that creates barriers to meaningful connection

  • Those drawn to spirituality and meditation often reach out to uncover unconscious patterns inhibiting personal growth.

My Credentials

  • Private psychotherapist since 2022

  • Experience in psychiatry and addiction medicine from 2019 - 2022

  • Worked as a doctor in Norway since 2007

  • Certified Cognitive-Behavioral therapist

  • Trained in mindfulness- and compassion-based approaches 

  • Continuous training on nonviolent communication

  • Certified yoga teacher

  • Advanced meditation practitioner

My Approach

Welcome to my integrative psychotherapy practice, where I tailor my approach to meet your unique needs and goals. Drawing from a diverse toolkit that includes elements from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness- and compassion-based practices, nonviolent communication, and a body-centered approach, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. 


Our sessions unfold weekly in 45-minute online meetings, providing a dedicated space for exploration, reflection, and transformation. Between sessions, you’ll engage in short daily practices designed to solidify insights and cultivate new, healthy habits. These practices serve as anchors, guiding you towards greater insight, resilience, and well-being. 


Central to my approach is a skill-based focus, where we harness your existing strengths and cultivate new habits in areas of growth that matter most to you. Whether it’s deeping your connection to emotions, aligning your actions with your values, or nurturing feelings of joy and fulfillment, our work together is centered on empowering you to thrive in all aspects of your life, ultimately, becoming your own therapist. 


About Me

During my adolescence years, social anxiety weighed heavily on me, fostering self-judgment that eventually birthed a harsh inner critic. Despite its detrimental effects, this inner voice initially fueled my academic and professional achievements, propelling me through medical school and into a successful career. However, over time, its relentless demands led to an unhealthy workaholic lifestyle and worsened social anxiety, ultimately resulting in a burnout.

In the wake of this crisis and seeking change, I started spending the Norwegian winters in SE Asia attending retreats deepening my knowledge in Western psychology and Eastern healing modalities. I embraced yoga and meditation as transformative tools that strengthened awareness and self-compassion.

This journey of self-discovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Grateful for the profound transformation it has brought, I now live in Bali where I strike a harmonious balance between work and personal time. The social anxiety that once troubled me has transformed into a sincere appreciation for new experiences, each reflecting my continual growth and resilience, all while recognizing the importance of respecting my limits and prioritizing self-care.

"When the sunshine of loving-kindness meets the tears of suffering, the rainbow of compassion arises."       

— A meditation teacher from Myanmar —

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I offer my services on a sliding scale (from 70 - 120 euros) to help make therapy more available. I take on one pro bono client at a time so get in touch if you in need of therapy and struggling financially? 

“Over a few months, Fadi offered me a safe space to open up and share complex and uncomfortable situations from my daily life. Through empathic listening and gentle curiosity, he intervened in non-intrusive, constructive ways that allowed me to clarify my way forward." "

Sari Hawa

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